Questions Marks about Saliña di Vlijt Project

Work at the Saliña di Vlijt has in the meantime started. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- Recently the Government of Bonaire started with works at the so called Saliña di Vlijt, a salt flat running roughly from the Yacht Harbour to the Mentor area in Antriol.

Local historian Arthur Sealy, in a communication to local media today, expresses his doubt about the project.

According to Sealy, local Government has recently started with the creation of what it calls 3 islands in the area for ‘migratory birds’. “I have to wonder which ornithologist (bird expert, editor) has advised the government that this is an area for migratory birds”.

Sealy notes that many questions can be asked about the project. “Why 3 islands for the purpose of bird migration? Why not 5, for instance? Why has Government never done any maintenance to this area, if it was so important. What has changed? How will the area be maintained in the future”, are some of the questions in Sealy’s letter sent to the press.

Sealy wonders aloud if past interest of an investor group may have to do ‘something’ with the area is the reason behind the government’s ‘sudden interest’ for the saliña.

“Of all the urgent matters there are, requiring the attention of this Government, such as the situation in our neighborhoods, why has the Government turned its attention to ‘migratory birds'”, asks Sealy in his letter.

Sealy feels that instead of spending money on a relatively trivial and arbitrary project like the Saliña di Vlijt, money should better be spent on the inhabitants of the island.

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