RADEX BCMS introduces Portable Units

Kralendijk – Last year, RADEX Border Control Management System (BCMS), was launched at the airport in Aruba in order to ensure a safe, reliable and effective border control.

RADEX BCMS is a complete border control management system, which features the latest hardware and software for multi-biometric capture and search capabilities. The key features of RADEX include first-stage processing, which involves in depth evaluation of passports validity, checks against  stolen passport databases, multiple wanted lists, and any other database a country desires; second-stage processing, which includes multi-biometric search and enrollment; reporting; security; and administration. 

The developer of RADEX BCMS, Gamma IT Solutions, is proud to announce that RADEX BCMS now features Portable Units. Portable Units are units that can be carried on locations without network connections and are thus ideal to use on ports, vessels and vehicles to perform complete first stage processing. Travel documents can be read and authenticated very quickly and the individuals can be verified against several wanted lists and governmental databases. When reconnecting to the system all data will be updated in the database. 

 With the Portable Units, RADEX BCMS ensures that the border control of the country remains efficient and secure on any location. 

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