RADEX BCMS is ready for the ‘new normal’

Oranjestad – The ongoing situation that the world is facing has brought many challenges. Many countries have decided to put a lockdown in place. This means that they have closed their borders for commercial flights. The current state of affairs is difficult but temporary. When a country is ready to go back to the ‘new normal’ and mobilize air traffic and commercial flights, there are measures that can be taken to ensure that it goes in an orderly and meticulous way.

RADEX BCMS, the complete border control management system, is fully equipped to ensure that the corresponding authorities receive the complete data regarding the incoming flights and its passengers. Some countries may implement new measures in order to reopen their borders, such as passengers carrying documents that state they already had COVID-19 or that they don’t currently carry the virus. RADEX BCMS can gather that information and make it available to the corresponding authorities and government entities that need to collect that data to protect their borders.

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