Raised eyebrows on Bonaire over new Selibon Company Page

KRALENDIJK- During the weekend, various parties reacted with some surprise to the launch of a new Facebook page, ‘Selibon Pa Bo’ for the Waste Management Company. The page promises to provide official information about the company to the general public.

In particular, the emphasis on the provision of official information raises eyebrows. “If a new Facebook page promises to provide official information about the company, should we then conclude that Selibon’s current Facebook page does not provide official information, or that it actually contains unreliable information?” Harald Linkels asks in an opinion piece on the Papiamento news site on Sunday.

Linkels thinks the company is doing itself a disservice with the new page. “The Selibon company page, under the name Selibon N.V. is a perfect page with good information. By launching this new page, the Company appears to sow doubt about the information on their own official page. Linkels says many people on the island initially thought the new page was “fake”. This because the government-owned Company has come under considerable fire Social Media, among other things, over labor related tensions.


Contact with the company during the weekend has made clear that it is indeed an initiative of Selibon itself.

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