RCN applies premium advantage: employee salaries up as of January 1st

Photo: Canadian Budget Binder

Kralendijk – The gross salaries of RCN employees will increase by 3.4% as of the 1stof January 2019, in addition to the agreed increase of 1.75%. This brings the total wage increase in 2019 to 5.15%. The employer RCN discussed this with the unions on Thursday November 29th.

With this, the civil servants benefit from the decision of State Secretary Tamara van Ark (Social Affairs and Employment) that employers’ premiums in the Caribbean Netherlands will decrease with 5% as of January 1st, 2019.

The measure is intended to increase wages and thus increase purchasing power without increasing the costs for the employer. The government expects that other employers in the Caribbean Netherlands will also pass on this burden reduction in the wages of their employees.

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