Recompression Chamber Bonaire temporarily closed due to shortage of dive doctors

Photo Foundation Recompression Chamber Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – Since the retirement and resignation of Dr. van der Vaart in early 2023, there has been a shortage in the group of dive doctors on Bonaire.

The Foundation has been searching for new candidate dive doctors for some time, but so far no suitable candidates have been found that meet the requirements.

Unfortunately, this shortage of dive doctors has resulted in the Foundation Recompression Chamber Bonaire having to temporarily close its doors from February 20th, 2023. The Board of the Foundation regrets this decision, but can no longer guarantee the 24/7 service. Dive accident patients who require recompression treatment will have to be flown to Curaçao for treatment.

The Board of the Foundation is doing everything possible to find a temporary solution in the short term and a permanent solution in the longer term. It hopes to have the problem solved within 6 to 8 weeks. The dive community of Bonaire can count on the dedication of the Board and its partners to resolve the shortage of dive doctors until then.

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