Recompression Chamber on Bonaire back in operation

Photo Foundation Recompression Chamber Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The recompression chamber on Bonaire is back in operation since the arrival of a new physician.

The Bonaire Recompression Chamber Foundation had been left without a dive doctor following the retirement of Dr. van der Vaart earlier this year. Despite intensive efforts to find a new physician, they were unsuccessful, and the chamber had to temporarily close on February 20.

The foundation’s board regretted this decision but acknowledged that they couldn’t guarantee 24/7 service for patients.

As of now, the chamber is fully operational again, thanks to the arrival of recompression dive physician Dr. Lucia Rodrigues in early July.

Dr. Lucia Rodrigues, originally from Brazil, is a dedicated physician with a passion for people and the ocean. While specializing in Infectious and Tropical Diseases medicine, she also became an avid recreational diver. After experiencing hypothermia during a dive herself, Rodrigues wanted to learn more about safe diving techniques and rescue diving. Now, she is specialized in dive and hyperbaric medicine, as well as Medical Rescue.

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