Red Air plane crashes in Miami

After the crash landing a fire broke out, but no lives wore lost in the accident

DADE COUNTRY, FLORIDA – A Red Air flight from Dominican airline was killed in an accident on Tuesday afternoon in Miami while landing at Miami International Airport.

Although the landing initially appeared to be normal, according to unconfirmed reports, the landing gear of the aircraft collapsed, causing the aircraft to slide further on its belly and after a partial slide on a grass field, eventually coming to a stop.

According to initial reports, there were 4 minor injuries, but everyone was able to leave the aircraft, an MD82, in time.

The airplane comes from the Venezuelan company Laser, which has the same shareholders as Red Air. The aircraft in question was built in 1990 and previously flew for American Airlines.

Jet Air

The plane that crashed would have recently been hired by both JetAir Caribbean and the Surinamese Airline (SLM), due to a shortage of its own equipment. It is not yet known what caused the accident.

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