Red Cross in Bonaire coordinates help efforts for Sint Maarten


The Red Cross in Bonaire will coordinate the collection and shipment of goods for Sint Maarten. Photo: Red Cross Bonaire

Kralendijk- The Red Cross on Bonaire will coordinate the efforts of citizens who want to contribute with the donation of goods for the victims on the Windward Islands and especially the heavily affected island of Sint Maarten. This is stated in a press release by the Bonerian Red Cross organization, issued last night.

Today, September 11th, donations can be left at the Sport Complex at the Kaya Amsterdam. The items can be delivered between 6 and 9 PM tonight.

The Red Cross says they have in the meantime received a list of goods which are most needed. Necessities range from diapers for the youngest children, to medicines, power banks and pet food.

When it comes to the youngest on the island there is a great need for diapers, baby milk and baby food (such as bottles of Gerber), but also on feeding bottles and children’s clothes.

For adults, items most needed are things like clothes, pillows, mosquito nets and raincoats. Also, there is a great need for so-called sanitary and hygiene items such as sanitary napkins, deodorant, toilet paper, insecticide cream and first-aid boxes.

The Red Cross says that non-perishable food items are also direly needed. According to the organization, packs of pasta such as spaghetti, canned vegetables, canned tuna, cornflakes, coffee and tea are most welcome.

Furthermore, there is a need for generic drugs, such as paracetamol tablets, anti-diarrheal agents, anti-itch ointments, and so on.

Those who prefer to spend money can do so via a deposit at the Maduro & Curielsbank (MCB), number 10347704, mentioning “Ayudo Isla Ariba”.

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