ReforeStatia visits ReLeaf Saba for knowledge sharing

THE BOTTOM- ReforeStatia team members Adam and Bea recently visited Saba for two days to advise, see how the ReLeaf Saba team has been progressing with their reforestation project and to take part in a grafting workshop.

In between rain showers, the team was able to visit potential reforestation sites, visit the propagation house to see all the saplings that have been planted over the past few months and take part in a grafting workshop hosted by Barney Gibbs and Dr. Ken Banks. The ReforeStatia team headed back to Statia with the ReLeaf Saba team, who then was able to bring back materials, necessary supplies, and young trees to be planted on Saba.


Releaf Saba and the Saba Conservation Foundation say they are grateful for advice provided by the  ReforeStatia team,  Dr. Ken Banks (Trees That Feed Foundation) and Barney Gibbs for taking their time to provide assistance to Saba. 

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