Rent committee speaks with minister Hugo de Jonge

KRALENDIJK- The Dutch Minister for Housing and Spatial Planning, Hugo de Jonge, paid a visit to the Bonaire Rental Committee last week. Here the minister spoke with the chairman, secretary and members of the rent committee about, among other things, the great pressure on the rental market.

One of the pain points is the availability of affordable long-term rental housing. The trends that the rent assessment committee sees in the incoming information requests and the mediation cases and hearings that it has already held were also discussed. In the coming period, the Rental Committee Bonaire, together with the public entity Bonaire and the Dutch ministry, will continue to consult with a view to realizing possible points for improvement.


The Bonaire Rental Committee has been appointed and active since mid-2021, after the new rental legislation came into effect on April 1, 2021. It is an impartial organization for the prevention, assistance and formal settlement of disputes between tenants and landlords. By providing good information, the rent assessment committee focuses on preventing disputes. If the tenant and landlord cannot resolve the matter themselves, the rent assessment committee will provide assistance with unbiased information. If that does not offer a solution, then it can make a decision by reviewing the dispute against the laws and regulations that is binding on the parties.

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