Repair work on the Kaminda Djabou is going well

Commissioner Thielman went to take a look this week at the progress | Photo: PEB

KRALENDIJK – The work to repair the Kaminda Djabou is progressing well. Soon, this road will be reopened. To expedite the project, additional equipment has been deployed to carry out the maintenance work simultaneously.

On Thursday, June 8th, the second phase of maintenance on Kaminda Djabou road started. This follows the completion of the major portion of the first phase of maintenance. In the upcoming weeks, the final layer of asphalt will be applied to the first section, from Kaya Sirena, after which the last phase from Kaya Sirena to Kaya Neerlandia will be completed.

Kaya Corona

Commissioner Thielman has visited the project to check on the progress. “It is important to mention that we are currently repairing the Kaminda Djabou because soon phase 3 will begin of the repairs to Kaya Korona. This means that other roads need to be repaired so that traffic can be diverted. That is why we are currently working on the Kaminda Djabou”, says Thielman. 

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