Replanting of Statia Fort Oranje Cliff continues

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – Replanting of Statia Fort Oranje Cliff continues. Euphorbia and oleander are extremely hardy, and won’t be eaten by goats, so STENAPA can rely on them to begin to provide some cover. ‘Seed bombs’ are being planted in between each Euphorbia and contain some seeds that are quite slow growing. The seedlings will depend on the other plants for shelter and protection from trampling.

Some of these seed bombs were created by STENAPA Kids during their Summer Club visit to ReforeStatia Nursery.

Seeds within the bombs are pride of Barbados, watermelon and hedgehog cucumber seeds, Pandu (J. gossypiifolia), castor (R. communis), Lion’s tail (L. nepetaefolia), Mexican thistle (A. mexicana), two Senna species (S. alata and S. bicapsularis), Lantana camara, Solanum, the cactus P. royenii and a few other native goat-resistant herbs. They were mixed with mud and dried. Once on the cliff, the rain will activate the ‘seed bombs’ and seedlings will erupt. The strongest of them will continue grow then claim the spot.

Along with the saplings and seedbombs, beach morning glory will be added to the Fort Oranje Cliff along the top and bottom margins to begin trailing/climbing from both ends.

Mahogany, gumbo limbo, sea grape and Lignum vitae will be planted along the bottom, with goat-proof fencing.

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