Report on ‘roundabout gate’ should become public before week-end

KRALENDIJK – The report on the so-called ‘roundabout gate’ should be on the table in the coming week.

The report on the investigation into the failed roundabout project on the Kaya Amsterdam has been eagerly awaited for almost a year. Although it is not clear why the so-called administrative investigation being carried out on the project had to take so long.

Deputy James Kroon has pledged hand on heart in a Public Meeting of the Eilandsaad that the report will be published before June 15. This means that the deputy has three days to fulfill his promise.


Island Governor Edison Rijna feels he is not to blame for the long duration of the investigation or the lack of results. “The investigation into what happened with the roundabout is being conducted by an external party,” Rijna previously stated.

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