Rescue operation in Quill finds missing hiker; team attacked by bees

ORANJESTAD – A massive search and rescue operation in the Quill successfully located a missing hiker on Thursday. However, the effort took a dramatic twist when the rescue team was assaulted by a swarm of bees.

The man had gone missing the previous day, Wednesday, while hiking the Quill with his wife. Authorities initiated a search late Wednesday after being informed that the visiting couple had lost their way. The wife was found, exhausted but unharmed, on Wednesday night, but had lost contact with her husband.

Thursday morning saw the launch of a large-scale operation to locate the missing man. The extensive team included members from the police, fire department, Queen Beatrix Medical Centre, Satia rapid response team, Statia Sea Rescue Foundation, GTI fire and rescue crew, STENAPA, Celbees, public servants, Acrobatics cliff workers, volunteers, and fellow hikers.

The man was eventually discovered on a challenging incline in the crater. As the team was extracting him, they were unexpectedly ambushed by bees. Numerous rescuers suffered bee stings, with varying consequences.

Government Commissioner Alida Francis lauded the tireless efforts of all involved, stating, “Everybody sprang into action. They have done an admirable job.” By Thursday evening, all participants were accounted for. However, Francis also hinted at the possibility of temporarily closing the trails based on forthcoming reports about the bee population in the Quill.

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