Residents of Saba are first to receive healthcare card

The Healthcare Card for residents of the BES-island is a proof of insurance when travelling abroad. Photo: RCN

SABA – On April 22, Zorg & Jeugd Caribisch Nederland (ZJCN) will start with the introduction of a so-called ‘healthcare card’ on Saba. Later this year, Sint Eustatius and Bonaire will also follow suit.

The healthcare card is an individual card that, according to ZJCN, is intended to facilitate access to emergency medical care abroad for insured residents of the Caribbean Netherlands.

This concerns urgent medical treatments that cannot be postponed. The healthcare card replaces the proof of insurance. Insured individuals will no longer need to visit the ZJCN office to pick up proof of insurance before travelling.

In addition to the insured person’s information, the healthcare card also includes ZJCN’s contact details. In case of emergency medical care abroad, individuals should contact ZJCN as soon as possible. Additionally, the healthcare card can be used at pharmacies and laboratories on Saba.

No travel insurance

ZJCN states that the healthcare card is exclusively intended for medical emergencies abroad that cannot be postponed. However, it is not a travel insurance. Therefore, according to ZJCN, it is still advisable to take out travel insurance when travelling abroad.

Sint Eustatius and Bonaire

The healthcare cards are currently only being issued on Saba. ZJCN will announce at a later stage when residents of Bonaire and Sint Eustatius will receive a healthcare card.

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