Restaurants and bars Bonaire can now stay Open till Midnight

Panino Restaurant in Bonaire. Foto: BES-Reporter.

Kralendijk- In a further relaxation of Covid-19 measures, restaurants, bars and casinos on Bonaire can now stay open till later in the evening.

In the case of restaurants and bars, these are now allowed to stay open till midnight, instead of 10 PM. This is welcome news for especially the restaurants who had a hard time to serve all customers in a relatively short time frame.

Casino’s can stay open till even later, namely 2 AM. However, after 12 the serving of alcoholic beverage or food to customers is not allowed after midnight.

Low number

The further flexibilization of earlier rules have become possible, now that Covid-19 infections are consistently low. As of Saturday there was only 1 active case on the island, while there have not been any new infections over the last few days.

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