Returning to Bonaire from other islands now possible

Kralendijk – Residents of Bonaire who are stuck on Curaçao, Saba and St. Eustatius have the opportunity to return home as of today, May 8th. This is, however, only possible with the permission of the Island Governor. Those returning home will be home quarantined for two weeks.

The transmission of the coronavirus on Curaçao, Saba and St. Eustatius has so far been limited. The risk of importing the virus into these islands is therefore very small. This is why the return of people who are stuck on one of the three islands and want to return to their own island is justified.

In Curaçao (16 confirmed cases) transmission has so far also been limited. Since April 17th there has been no new case of infection. In St. Eustatius infection has remained limited to two import cases which did not lead to any further transmission. In Saba there have been two confirmed cases with an unknown source but since then no new cases of infection have been reported. Saba still has strict measures in place.

Home quarantine

Although the risk of importing the virus from the three islands is small, people who return to Bonaire are still requested to quarantine. This is to eliminate risks. The quarantine can take place in the own living environment.

Home quarantine is subject to several conditions. The resident will sign a declaration of quarantine and will state the address where they will stay for a period of two weeks. Going outside is not allowed, other than in one’s own garden or on one’s own porch. Other housemates are only allowed to live in the same house if a clear physical separation can be maintained between the person in home quarantine and the other housemates. The Public Health department is involved in the assessment of this situation.

Another condition is that groceries must be done by someone from the social network. If the person in quarantine needs informal care, the informal caregiver will also stay in quarantine. The same conditions and guidelines for personal and domestic hygiene will then apply to the informal caregiver.

The borders of Bonaire will remain closed to the Netherlands, the United States and to other countries. This is still necessary due to the wide spread of the virus in these countries and the associated real risk of transmission in Bonaire. For Bonairians staying in the Netherlands and other countries who want to return home, measures are being taken. This also applies to residents who are essential workers. In these cases quarantine at a central location is the only safe way for people from the Netherlands and other countries to re-enter. 

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