Revelers enjoy colorful Carnival march St. Eustatius 

While the troupes were a bit smaller, they were no less colorful. Photo: Alida Francis

ORANJESTAD- On Saturday the island of St. Eustatius celebrated the first day of their annual carnival, with the groups dancing through the streets of Oranjestad. 

Although the troupes this year are a bit smaller this year than seen in other years, they were dressed no less colorfully. “I am so happy that, after a number of weird years where it comes to Corona, the residents can now celebrate carnival in the normal way again,” said government commissioner Alida Francis about the festivities. The government commissioner also participates in the carnival celebrations.


Thanks to the Makana ferry that maintains the connection with the neighboring island of Saba, Carnival lovers on that island can also participate on St. Eustatius. The festivities on the two islands take place one week apart, so that the real enthusiasts on both islands can experience the festivities.

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