Rijksmuseum organizes photo competition for school children from all over the Kingdom

KRALENDIJK/DEN HAAG – The Rijksmuseum is organizing the ‘Document Nederland Junior’ photo competition especially for secondary school and college students. Young people from all over the Kingdom can take part in the competition and win two master classes and even their own photo exhibition in the museum.

The theme is Recycling, a second life; separating waste, repairing things or reusing them. Consciously or unconsciously, our things get a second life. We all deal with sustainability in different ways. The Rijksmuseum asks the students to be critical and to capture this in images. For example, how does your municipality/government deal with recycling? Is that the best way? How do you think we can best deal with our discarded goods and waste? 


The creators of the ten best series (5 vo/5 mbo) are selected by a professional jury and by the public via The 10 nominees will be invited to two master classes, supervised by photographer Sharelly Emanuelson and experts from the Rijksmuseum. The result will be an exhibition of their own. 

On 23 September, the Rijksmuseum will announce the two final winners. They will be allowed to accompany Emanuelson for a day. In addition, the winner from secondary schools will receive a photo assignment from and the winner from vocational schools will win a work placement from the Rijksmuseum.


Participants an send in their photo series, consisting of a maximum of five photos including short descriptions, before Monday 6 June 2022. You can do this via this link

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