Road Construction around Schools First Priority Bonaire ExCo

Wonderful new school buildings so far have not been complemented by new roads. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- The Executive Council of Bonaire has decided that the construction of roads around schools should get high priority.

Roads will be constructed the Papa Cornes school in North Salinja, Strea Briante / Rayo di Solo in Antriol and Kolegio San Luis Beltran in Rincon.

The tender for the execution of the road construction is currently being prepared and work will start at the end of September / beginning of October.

The work will take around six months. For the construction of the roads around the schools, the Public Entity Bonaire has received 3 million euros from The Hague.

“We have chosen to build these roads first because the safety of our children is paramount. This is a first step that we have prepared well, so it can now be implemented quickly. And so we continue. We are now preparing a second phase”, according to Commissioner James Kroon.

Support from The Hague

Kroon is happy that his recent working visit to The Hague led clear results so fast. “In our conversation with Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management, I emphasized that the poor condition of our roads has consequences for road safety. It also costs the population. The bad roads cause damage to cars. If we do not act quickly, it will also be harmful to our economy. With all those holes in the roads, Bonaire makes a bad impression on tourists and on people who may want to invest. The minister and her staff immediately saw that something had to be done quickly. The officials from the Ministry of I&W and the officials from the R&D Directorate of the Public Entity Bonaire have worked hard. That is why we can report this great news today”, said Kroon.

According to Kroon, teamwork in the new ExCo has contributed to the results achieved in The Hague.

“We operate as a strong team. The Hague has noticed that. We see that we are working positively on the implementation of the Administrative Agreement”, according to the Commissioner.

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