Road work continues on Bonaire

Photo OLB

KRALENDIJK- The Public Entity Bonaire says in a press release that work on the road network has been continued in the first months of the year. Several projects are expected to be completed in March.

For example, work on Seru Largu is almost over. Soon, diabase will be poured into the roadsides and crash barriers will be installed to guarantee the safety of the users of Seru Largu.

The restoration of the Kaya Cornelis D Crestian in Rincon is taking place in several phases. The first phase was completed last year. The second phase started in the second half of January and will be completed in the second half of March.


Restoration work on the Kaya Platina in the Nawati neighborhood of Nort’i Saliña continued into the second week of January. This work also consists of two phases due to, among other things, the planned remediation of the water supply pipes. The work is proceeding according to plan in close cooperation with the utility companies. The project will be completed at the end of May.

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