Ronald Zwarter to leave KPCN organization 

Zwarter (r) seen here with top cop Braaf and head of the detective department Senior, will be returning to The Netherlands mid-august. Photo: KPCN. 

KRALENDIJK- On 14th of August 2023, Mr. Ronald Zwarter will hand over his duties as Deputy Chief of Police/Head of Operations of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) to his successor.

Ronald Zwarter started on the 1st of October  2019 from the Northern Netherlands Leadership Unit and will return to the National Police in the Netherlands on the 1st of October 2023 after a period of 4 years. At the age of almost 66 and after 45 years of service with the police, he will then take his well-deserved retirement in early 2024.

In recent years, together with many colleagues within the KPCN, he has made the organization stronger, more independent, more chain-oriented and future-oriented. A number of specialist teams have emerged, such as the Digital Investigation Team, the Cybercrime Team and the FINEC Team. The intelligence organization has also become larger and more professional and is connected to Interpol and the FCI network.

Together with a number of colleagues from the KPCN, he has also formed the basis for the Regional Information and Expertise Center (RIEC-CN), which plays an important role in the cooperation between the chain partners and the approach to subversion and money laundering. The enforcement of the new road traffic law at the beginning of 2020 has also taken more shape in the force.

Many local colleagues have moved on to various positions in the force, making it more sustainable and independent. In the past 4 years, virtually the entire Management Team, including the Police leadership, has also been reconstituted, helping to shape the transfers and supervision. The force is therefore ready for the future and is in good shape both in the Caribbean Netherlands and in the Caribbean region.


The good relationship and cooperation between the police colleagues and Zwarter have led to these successes and it has therefore been a good period in the development of the KPCN. He quotes: “I often say: talent is everywhere. Together with colleagues from the KPCN and various chain partners, great progress has been made and I am glad that I contributed to this. In my opinion, the complexity of the Caribbean is often underestimated and I will remain available in the coming years for colleagues and the various Ministries to continue to contribute to developments in this region from the European Netherlands. It was a wonderful and instructive period for my wife and me, reason which we will always remember with melancholy the colleagues and the islands, which are now even more enclosed in our hearts!

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