Rough police action against journalist on Bonaire leads to shock and indignation

KRALENDIJK – A very rough intervention against local journalist Tico Janga by an officer of the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) has caused shocked reactions and astonishment on Bonaire.

The officer’s actions, which included a forceful and sudden push that caused Janga to fall backwards onto the sidewalk, were captured by various camera footage and quickly shared on social media.

Although the context of the situation is not evident from the short video clip, it appears that Janga was also subsequently arrested by the officers.

Many people on social media are expressing shock at the rough treatment. “This is not acceptable!” writes one Facebook user. “What was going through the mind of this officer?” wonders another aloud. Additionally, some are surprised that none of the other officers in the group appear to intervene. It is also notable that none of the officers seem to be concerned about Janga’s well-being, as he narrowly misses hitting a concrete pole with his head during the fall.


The spokesperson for KPCN responds neutrally to inquiries from ABC Online Media regarding the incident. “Standard procedures for the use of force will be followed in this case. An investigation will be conducted by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Additionally, Mr. Janga can also file a complaint with the Prosecutor.”

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