Royal Netherlands Marechaussee makes arrest on suspicion of money laundering

KRALENDIJK – The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (Koninklijke Marechaussee, KMar) arrested a 52-year-old man on suspicion of money laundering, on Friday the 7th of October. The man intended to travel out to the Dominican Republic via Bonaire International Airport (BIA). At the security check at the airport, the man was found to have dozens of envelopes hidden on his body, containing a total of nearly 20,000 US Dollars in cash.

The BIA security officer who found the money thereupon informed Customs and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. Together, they conducted the initial investigation at the scene, after which KMar officers arrested the man on suspicion of money laundering. The investigation is continuing by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee’s criminal investigation department, the money has been seized for the purpose of the investigation.

Individuals are required to be able to prove the origin of cash money. If one imports or exports an amount of ten thousand US Dollars or more, this must be declared to Customs. Customs and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee work together in checking goods and persons when entering and leaving the Caribbean Netherlands.

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