Runaway Golf cart Causes Brief moment of Panic at Flamingo Airport Bonaire

The runaway golf cart ended up crashing into the terminal building

KRALENDIJK – On Thursday, a runaway golf cart used by the airline Divi Divi Air to transport luggage to and from the aircraft caused some panic at the airport in Bonaire for a short period of time.

For unknown reasons, the cart went out of control, with some of the luggage still in the loading bed. The vehicle then began to drive uncontrollably in circles at a fairly high speed around the aircraft on the platform, before coming to a stop by crashing into a glass wall of the departure hall.

Initially, the damage seemed to be relatively minor, although the airline’s aircraft appeared to have been superficially affected. The reckless ride of the cart could have had more serious consequences if it had collided directly with an aircraft on the platform.


An investigation is underway to determine the exact cause of the incident, which fortunately seems to have ended without major consequences.

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