SABA adapts pilot to communicate with other Caribbean islands in disasters

Photo: Public Entity Saba

Saba – The Public Entity Saba on Thursday, August 1, started a pilot on information management during crises with the Ministry of Justice and Safety. Reliable and fast exchange of information with the ministries in the Netherlands is critical in cases of disaster.

The pilot will give disaster management colleagues in the Netherlands a general, reliable picture of what exactly happens on Saba and what is needed. One of the goals of the Saba pilot is to establish a better exchange of information as well between the six islands. Sint Maarten is an important hub for Saba, and it is crucial for Saba to have a quick understanding of what is happening on St. Maarten. This will aid Saba in organizing alternative measures in case of a hurricane or other disaster.

St. Eustatius, Bonaire and St. Maarten will join the pilot in the coming weeks while Curaçao and Aruba will follow as soon as soon as possible.

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