Saba Business Association launches Website

The Covid-Pandemic has had a brutal impact on Saba’s businesses. Photo: ABC Online Media/Martien Vroone.

The Bottom, Saba- The Saba Business Association (SBA) has launched there own website. The website aspires to provide entrepreneurs on the island with information relevant to their business.

The association notes that the past year has been a tumultuous one, especially because of the pandemic that is still holding the whole world in its grip. The current SBA board has met at least twice monthly to address issues that aroused from the pandemic and the direct impact it has on the economic situation on the island.

According to SBA, the Covid-pandemic caused the majority of businesses on Saba had a decrease in turnover of 76 to 100%. While short term assistance both from Central and Local Government have brought some relief, SBA keeps stressing on more structural support for businesses on the island.


SBA states that the current board has held several meetings with the Executive Council to address issues such as the lack in banking options, the lack of postal codes on the island and long waiting times at IND to process work permit requests.

SBA’s website can be visited at

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