Saba Business Association wants ‘own’ Postal Code for island

The head office of Postal Organization for the BES islands, FXDC. Photo: BES-Reporter.

The Bottom, Saba- The Saba Business Association (SBA) continues to be worried about postal issues plaguing the island.

According to a press release from Thursday, the SBA Board says they have prioritized solving the problems faced by businesses as a result of the lack of banking options on Saba, the lack of a unique postcode for Saba and the regular absence of Saba or the BES Islands in ‘dropdown boxes’ during computer transactions.

As a result, a letter was recently sent by the government to the Dutch Ministry, summing up the issues that the population of Saba, and businesses in particular, are experiencing. At present an intern from the Ministry of Finance is on the island and a part of his remit is to investigate these banking and postcode issues.

A meeting with the SBA has been arranged to report the (financial) consequences to the Ministry in the hopes that the situation can be improved.


The above-mentioned letter also again pointed out the issues that arise from the fact that Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba are grouped as one country. The SBA is advocating for a post code per island so that mail from the post office and courier services are not constantly miss sent to Bonaire. Also, the slow distribution of mail was addressed in the same letter.

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