Saba celebrates 47th Saba Day

THE BOTTOM- The 47th edition of Saba Day was celebrated on Friday, December 2 in the presence of young and old, invited guests and elected officials, starting with the official program in the morning hours, including the hoisting of the flag, speeches, cultural performances, and a lively street fair in The Bottom in the afternoon. 

This year’s Saba Day theme was “Remis Velisque – With oars and sails.” The festivities continue during Saba Day Weekend.

The official program started with the singing of the Saba national anthem and the Flag Song by Elisabeth Henry, and the hoisting of the flag by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, Police Chief Wingrove Baker and students of the Saba Comprehensive School. The public sought shelter during the short, heavy downpour as the flag was hoisted.


Remis Velisque, the motto inscribed on Saba’s Coat of Arms is often translated as ‘With oars and sails,’ and the figurative translation of this is taken to mean ‘With all one’s might,’ said MC Elsa Peterson. “Today I would like to share with you another interpretation of this motto, namely to move with a purpose, an interpretation that is definitely a suitable description of the legacy that we have inherited from the great men and women that came before us,” said Peterson.

“Looking back on the past year, we have once again faced many trials and triumphs. Looking forward to next year eligible voters will decide who will lead our island for the next four years,” said Island Governor Johnson, who pointed out that March 2023 would be his fourth and last local election to oversee as his term ends in 2026. “I would implore everyone to listen, discuss and decide what you feel is best for our island. Remember to carry yourselves in a respectful manner as the day after elections we still have to live with each other,” he said.  

Commissioner Wilson with Bonaire delegation
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