Saba celebrates World Teachers’ Day with two main events

The teachers during the evening event, together with Governor Jonathan Johshon (right). Photo: Government of Saba

SABA-Saba celebrated World Teachers’ Day on Wednesday, October 5 with two main events; a church service in the morning organized by the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) and a dinner with guest speaker event in the evening, hosted by the Public Entity Saba.

Students of SCS and grade 6 students of the Sacred Heart School (SHS) gathered at the Wesleyan Holiness Church in The Bottom in the morning. The program included the singing of the Saba national anthem and different songs, an opening prayer by Nadine Granger, short performances by students of the different forms, Scripture readings, an exhortation by Paster Vernon Liburd, a special prayer by Pastor Earl Esdalle and a benediction by Father Zbigniew ‘Zibi’ Orlikowski.

During the church service, there were also brief remarks by Chairman of the Saba Education Foundation Franklin Wilson and Commissioner of Education Bruce Zagers. Zagers spoke about the enormous value and dedication of teachers.

“Today, teachers around the world will be showered with kind words and we will all show them our appreciation for their dedication, their patience, their guidance and their love that they give to our children. As long as we have great teachers; teachers who are dedicated to their profession and to their students, then we are going in the right direction. Then we are creating a foundation and an opportunity for our children to one day be outstanding, successful adults. So just as we celebrate teachers’ day today, we should show our gratitude to our teachers every day. Because without them, where would we be?” asked Zagers.

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