Saba Conservation Foundation expects operating deficit of nearly $1 million

SCF explains the plans and the anticipated shortage during a Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) Board Meeting

THE BOTTOM- The Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) fears that it will end the current year with a significant operating deficit.

“Although the Nature and Environment Policy Plan (NEPP) for the BES islands foresees new projects to drastically improve the state of nature, this plan requires good financing and an increase in the capacity to manage and implement these projects. Assuming a 2018 base income, SCF estimates a financial shortfall of nearly US$880,000 per year, so creative and sustainable solutions are needed immediately,” SCF said in a press release.


According to SCF, there is also a need for additional external personnel to carry out reforestation projects, monitoring of invasive species, removal of free-roaming grazers, management of beaches, monitoring of sea water quality and other projects.

“Saba will not be able to realize the vision laid down in the NEPP without serious and sustainable investments,” says the nature management organization.

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