Saba Delegation visits The Hague to address issues important to island

THE HAGUE/THE BOTTOM – A delegation from Saba, led by Commissioner Bruce Zagers, visited The Hague to address several important issues. 

They met with ministries and political organizations, with a focus on the upcoming Dutch Second Chamber elections in November. Discussions included the drafting of Saba Package 3.0, an agreement for the island’s development, as well as the implementation of a social minimum for the Caribbean Netherlands islands, poverty eradication, and funding possibilities from the Dutch Government for various projects. 

The visit aimed to address the challenges of Saba’s high cost of living, simplifying the import system, and fostering sustainable practices. Despite some immediate issues, the trip provided an opportunity to network, discuss Saba’s agenda, and explore ways to contribute to its development. The delegation returned to Saba on October 11.

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