Saba gets ready for Saba Doet

Saba gets ready for Saba Doet

THE BOTTOM – Saba is gearing up for ‘Saba Doet’, this Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12. A grand total of 23 projects have been registered for this volunteer action event of the Oranje Fonds. In total there are 567 spots for volunteers, which already have been largely filled. 

The 23 projects were submitted by 10 organizations: the Saba Comprehensive School, Saba Cares, the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF), Saba Girls and Boys Sports Society Afterschool Care, Saba Reach Foundation, Reverend Gerard Bisschop Foundation, Child Focus Foundation, Saba Nature Education, Saba Lion’s Club and BMS.

Promote volunteering

The Oranje Fonds in the Netherlands is the initiator and sponsor of Saba Doet, and the Doet events in the other parts of the Kingdom. On Saba, the event is executed by the Saba Lion’s Club. The Doet events serve to promote volunteering and the strengthening of NGO’s. Saba Doet has been growing steadily since its inception and has turned into a true community-wide event. Two additional projects and three organizations have registered this year for the fourth edition of Saba Doet.

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