Saba Goverment Happy with Exposure in US Media

Most publications have been online, but there were also publications in print media. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba, The Government of Saba notes with satisfaction that the island has been able to generate much exposure in the United States tourism market through a large number of articles that were published online and in the print media in the past few years.

According to Government, this exposure has been achieved in large part through the efforts of D&D PR, the firm that has been promoting Saba in the US and internationally for four years now, with the cooperation of the Saba Tourist Bureau.  

So far this year, Saba has been featured in a number of very large media outlets such as USA Today, CNN International, Forbes, Fodor’s Travel, MSN Travel, Travelocity, Newsweek, Travel Channel, San Jose Mercury News, Thrillist and Medium. Some of these have published more than once about Saba in 2019, including MSN Travel, CNN, Forbes and San Jose Mercury News. The publications have already reached millions of people.


Earlier this year, D&D PR entered some of its public relations work on behalf of Saba Tourist Bureau into the annual industry competition, the Adrian Awards, organized by Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI), the industry’s leading advocate for intelligent, sustainable hotel revenue growth and is committed to growing business for hotels and their partners. Out of more than 1,100 entries submitted this year, D&D PR’s work was judged to be exceptional by experts in hospitality, travel, tourism and media. The submitted publication about Saba, which was the article “The Greatest Little Island You Never Heard Of,” written by Joni Sweet, won a Golden Adrian Award in October 2019, in the category of Feature Placement Online in Consumer Media.

D&D PR facilitates the visits of travel writers to Saba, many of whom are freelancers that write for multiple outlets. The company also sends press releases about developments and events that take place on Saba to various publications in the US, which are often then used to create new features about the island.

Most of the publications about Saba were online, while some were in print. The media outlets in their articles highlighted the uniqueness of Saba using expressions like “a rare Caribbean island where beaches aren’t the draw,” “hidden gem,” “tiny island haven” and “one of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets”. Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa received special exposure in Forbes with an article titled “Elegance and nature intertwined.”

Juancho Yrausquin Airport

The landing at the Juancho Yrausquin Airport was mentioned in a number of articles with titles such as “the best airports you’ve heard of” and “world’s most scenic airport landings.” A number of media outlets published articles on Saba as a destination for adventure, nature, hiking and scuba diving.

Commissioner of Tourism Bruce Zagers is very positive about the cooperation with D&D PR. “We have enjoyed working with D&D PR during the past four years and we are grateful for the exposure that they have brought for the island,” he said.

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