Saba Government and Kadaster hold Town Hall Meeting

The town hall meeting was well attended. Photo: OLS

THE BOTTOM- During a Town Hall meeting held on Monday, in Windward, Saba, the Public Entity, assisted by experts from Kadaster Netherlands addressed the crucial topic of property registration and the roles involved. 

With the aim of clarifying the process for the local population, the Kadaster was invited to explain their operations on Saba and delineate their responsibilities. Attendees sought answers to common questions such as why the Kadaster requires consent from all stakeholders to survey a plot, why they cannot independently establish boundaries, and why the public body must designate boundaries during road expansions.

Speakers Frank Tierolff and Ruben Roes provided clear insights during the well-attended meeting. Recognizing the historical challenges of incomplete property rights documentation on Saba, efforts are underway to enhance data quality in collaboration with stakeholders. 

Legal certainty

Addressing these issues is essential for legal certainty on the island and for facilitating further development, particularly regarding infrastructure projects that may stall due to unclear ownership. We remain committed to improving data accuracy and providing recommendations to relevant authorities to resolve inherited property complexities and ensure a more secure future for Saba.

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