Saba Government announces updated hunting schedule

The Mount Scenery Trail will stay open on Saturday, as no shooting of goats will take place in the area. Photo: ABC Online Media

THE BOTTOM – The Government of Saba has announced a change in a previously published schedule for the shooting of roaming goats. 

On Saturday, February 24th, goats will be shot in Giles Quarter, Spring Bay, Kelby’s Ridge, Johnie’s Ground, Core Gut and Old Boobie Hill. 

For this reason, the Giles Quarter train and the Spring Bay Trail will be closed on Saturday. Hunting will not take place in inhabited areas, nor on or around the Mount Scenery trail. This means that the Mount Scenery trail remains open to the public throughout the hunting period.

Meat to be sold

The government also states that the meats of goats shot, will be processed and sold at the Farmer’s market on Wednesday. 

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