Saba Government launches Employee Wellbeing Program

THE BOTTOM- The Public Entity Saba has launched the Employee Wellbeing Program to prioritize the development of all its employees. The program offers personal and professional growth through a six-month initiative and is focused on Leadership and Management. A team of eight professional coaches with diverse expertise was carefully selected to ensure the program’s success. 

The Employee Wellbeing Program addresses various areas, including emotional, mental, physical, creative, and energetic development. The program consists of activities, workshops, and training sessions that focus on employees’ capabilities such as communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, and work-life balance. Participants benefit from personalized coaching, group workshops, interactive discussions, and strategies relevant to both their professional and personal life. By investing in employees, the Public Entity Saba demonstrates its commitment to creating a positive working culture and ensures long-term success for its employees. The program is aimed to empower employees to reach their full potential and thrive in their roles, fostering a meaningful and fulfilling life and career. This joined collaboration was curated by the HRM and Public Health departments. 

Two registration groups were formed for the Employee Wellbeing Program: a “steady group” and a “flexible group.” The decision was made to accommodate employees with unpredictable work schedules, allowing them to choose between committing fully to the steady group or opting for the flexibility of the other group. Each group has a capacity of 12 employees, ensuring a manageable and engaging experience. Participants were encouraged to acknowledge and express their emotions, create a positive train of thought, prioritize physical well-being, and find their personal outlets for creative expression. The program also highlights self-reflection, solution-oriented thinking, and creates a safe space for open communication and understanding. 


Brenda Tjipjes, Head of the HRM Department, designer and organizer of the program, emphasized to participants the importance of full commitment to the Employee Wellbeing Program for achieving significant personal change. She advised all participants, including those in the flexible group, to stay committed and complete the entire program to experience the full range of personal and professional benefits that the program offers. The Employee Wellbeing Program consists of two learning days per month from April to November, with a summer break in July and August. Five reputable organizations are involved in delivering the program along with key individuals from the Public Entity Saba.

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