Saba Government launches Splash Survey about drinking water habits

Foto: Saba Splash

THE BOTTOM – The Government of Saba has launched a Survey to gather information about habits of residents when it comes to drinking water. 

“Water is a vital part of our daily lives, and here on Saba, we have a variety of options to quench our thirst. Whether you prefer Bottled RO water (purified salt water), Saba Splash (water with added minerals), Mineral Water (bottled at the source and includes minerals), or cistern water (combination of rainwater and RO water), your choice is important”, states the introduction to the survey. 

According to a news release, the Public Entity is dedicated to understanding the drinking water habits of our community. We believe that every opinion is valuable. Your insights are what helps shape the future of our island’s services.


The Survey can be filled out via the following this link

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