Saba Government provides update on parking situation in The Bottom

THE BOTTOM – In a collaborative effort aimed at enhancing convenience and safety for the local community, representatives from the Public Entity Saba, the Police, Saba Cares, and the hospital project contractor gathered on October 16, 2023, to assess the newly implemented traffic situation in The Bottom.

According to Government, the purpose of this meeting was to meticulously evaluate the traffic flow and parking conditions in The Bottom, all in a bid to improve the overall experience for residents and visitors to the area. 

The changes, which will be implemented promptly, include the introduction of clear road signs, the relocation of trailers, the addition of extra parking spaces for hospital visitors, and the opening of a new parking area in The Range. These measures aim to alleviate congestion and make the traffic flow smoother and more efficient.

To further assist residents and visitors, Saba Cares will be providing transportation for patients with appointments, ensuring convenient access to and from parking lots situated near Juliana Sports Field and The Range. This service will be available from Monday through Friday, with transportation departing every half hour between 8 am and 11:30 am.

User friendly

Government also emphasized that the changes are a part of ongoing efforts to make traffic flow in The Bottom more user-friendly. 

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