Saba Government Purchases Boat Trailer

The new boat trailer at Fort Bay Harbor. Photo: Government of Saba

The Bottom, Saba- The Public Entity Saba has purchased a large hydraulic boat trailer in order to facilitate the lifting of vessels out of the water and their transport at Fort Bay harbor.

The trailer was bought for several reasons. Firstly, because all local boats fit on this trailer, it will save the already very limited space at the harbor, as boat owners won’t need to buy and store their own trailer at the harbor. Secondly, the trailer will facilitate the moving of boats for maintenance and repairs, and very important, in case of a storm.

In 2017 the Public Entity purchased a crane that can take the boats out of the water when necessary. Now they can be placed one-by-one on the trailer, which makes relocation of boats faster and easier. The boats are stored on special boat stands purchased by the boat owners. The hydraulic trailer can carry boats of up to 47 foot. The largest privately-owned vessel on Saba measures 42 foot. The trailer, manufactured by Brownell Trailers from Massachusetts, USA, arrived on Saba on Tuesday, July 9.   

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