Saba Government signs new agreement with Lipscomb University

Commissioner Zagers signed the agreement on behalf of the Public Entity Saba.

Commissioner Zagers signed the agreement on behalf of the Public Entity Saba.

The Bottom, Saba- Commissioner of Education, Bruce Zagers has signed yet another Saba Government-College agreement, this time with the Lipscomb University, located Tennessee (USA).

The agreement will grant Saban students who have been accepted into Lipscomb University, a scholarship of $18,410 per academic year, which matches the Duo grant. These students will, therefore, receive a total annual amount of $36,820 to finance their studies at the Lipscomb University.

Once enrolled and accepted at Lipscomb University, the students will also be provided with transportation to and from the airport at the beginning and conclusion of each semester and a one-time gift in the form of a laptop from the Public Entity Saba.

The university will assist with other aspects such as the process of acquiring adequate living facilities and the VISA application process, but cannot assure the actual granting of the VISA.

“I am thankful for the cooperation from Lipscomb University and also the great opportunity for the Saban kids,” said Commissioner Zagers.

Further details about this agreement and other agreements that have been made with various colleges will be found in the study handbook which is in the final stages of editing. The manual will be completed and distributed in early 2018 and can be used by students who are preparing to further their studies as a guideline which will help to ease the process.

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