Saba Government takes safety serious



Safety illustration. Photo: Freepik

The Bottom, Saba—Saba’s Executive Council recently invited a safety specialist of the BPO Caribbean company in Aruba to come to the island. The specialist was invited to assess safety and to make a risk inventory report of the safety aspects within the government.

Michiel van Ewijk of BPO Caribbean, an expert company on safety with large clients in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, visited Saba last week and visited several government departments, including the administration building, harbor, airport, landfill/recycling facilities and the day care center. He also looked at general road safety issues and the garbage collection operation.

In his preliminary findings, which he presented to the various department heads, safety expert Van Ewijk found that the high risks were limited and that the hazards that he came across were easily managed. He reminded those that were present at the meeting that the majority of the measures to mitigate safety hazards were easy to carry out and cost nothing mostly.

Van Ewijk concluded that there was room for improvement, and suggested setting up a general safety system with clear procedures and instructions, and to facilitate trainings. Safety, he said, should be included in all aspects of government and its operations. In the coming months, the Saba Government will address the findings in the safety inventory report according to priority.

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