Saba Harbor Project on Track

From left: Sarah van der Horn, Bert van den Berg, Michel Ruijter, Tom Peeters, Travis Johnson, Ton van der Plas, Jonathan Johnson, Maureen van der Kaap-Hassell and Bruce Zagers. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba The Fort Bay harbor project is proceeding steadily. On Wednesday, January 30, a meeting took place of the harbor advisory committee, the executive project board and the project team to discuss the developments in this largest ever project for the island.

So far, the National Government has made a total amount of 27.5 million euros available for this project which involves the construction of a new, larger main pier on the location of the current small pier, the extension of the current main pier and improvements at the shoreline and infrastructure on land.

Of this amount, 15 million euros comes from the Hurricane Recovery Fund and 12.5 million euros from the Regional Envelope. The Public Entity Saba is contributing US $1 million.

Three main elements

The scope of the project contains three main elements: the upgrading and expansion of the harbor, making the harbor hurricane proof and increasing economic activities. The prequalification for the contractors starts in the next few months. Procurement will take place according to the World Bank guidelines.

A company from the United States has been commissioned to do a marina study to look at opportunities for the new, expanded harbor to accommodate sailing yachts, small cruise vessels and mega-yachts.

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