Saba implements Revised Airport Protocol

Flights are back with a soft start, but it is not ‘business as usual’ as of yet. Photo: BES Reporter

The Bottom, Saba- The Government of Saba has implemented a new and updated Covid-19 protocol for the Juancho Yrausquin Airport.

In a Public Notice #15, dated July 15, the Executive Council has notified residents and travelers alike that entry to the airport building is in principle restricted to passengers and employees.

This means that friends and family wishing to greet arriving passengers or say farewell to departing passengers, should do so outside of the terminal building.

Winair Office

The public notice however also mentions that those who need to visit the Winair office at the airport can do so, after receiving permission from the security guard on Duty.

The Executive Council note that this is not the ‘Saban way’, but cannot be avoided. “We cannot let our guards down as things continue to change regarding Covid-19”, according to the communication sent out yesterday.

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