Saba intensifies Goat Control project

Lush Sulphur Mine area on Saba’s north coast where grass is growing in abundance. Photo: Public Entity Saba

THE BOTTOM- The Public Entity Saba has decided to intensify the bounty period to tackle free-roaming goats by using local capacity. This is Phase 2 of the bounty period.

The decision to intensify the bounty period was made after a review of the first two phases of the goat project. The project started by a period of targeted hunting by two external invasive species hunters, who worked on Saba from May up to the end of December 2021. 

The hunters removed a little under 1,300 goats. After this first phase, a bounty period was introduced in order to get local hunters involved as much as possible. In around 10 months, local hunters have removed close to 1,500 goats. 

The goats were mainly removed from the areas of Giles Quarter, St. John’s, parts of The Bottom, Spring Bay and Lower Hell’s Gate/Flat Point.

Government hunters

Local government hunters will be appointed to remove goats from the 3 zones. These positions are being advertised and a hiring process is carried out. Goat owners are encouraged to continue removing their goats for the duration of the intensification of the bounty period. They will be compensated at US $65 per goat removed.

The Goat Control project is deemed beneficial for local nature, while at the same time making more fresh goat meat available on the island. 

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