Saba Lions Club donates dictionaries to schools

Saba Lions Club donates dictionaries to schools
Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) students checking out their new dictionary.

SABA—The Saba Lions Club on Wednesday, November 17, donated a set of dictionaries to secondary education students of the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS).

Saba Unspoiled Leo’s Club President Vernisha Robinson, Secretary Kimson Guerrier and Leo Advisor Lion Mary Thielman met a group of students of form 1 and ‘praktijk onderwijs’ 1 to present a copy of the Student’s Dictionary and Animal Gazetteer to each student. Shortly, primary education students of the Sacred Heart School (SHS) will also receive a set of dictionaries. In total, the donation consists of 24 dictionaries for each school.

This is the third time that primary school students receive the dictionary from the Saba Lions Club and the first time that the donation was also arranged for the secondary school. The idea to donate the dictionaries to the Saba schools came about while a Saba Lions Club delegation attended a Lions Club International convention in Milan, Italy three years ago, explained Charter Member Lion Franklin Wilson MJF, who coordinates the annual dictionary donation. “We saw the dictionaries at a booth, and we figured that this would be something nice for Saba,” Wilson said. 

The 575-page Student’s Dictionary and Animal Gazetteer, which is part of the worldwide Dictionary Project, is more than only a comprehensive dictionary. It also contains, among other things, international treaties to protect the earth, facts about animals in nine habitats on seven continents, environmental facts about 200 countries, information about the 50 states of the US, weights and measures, the longest word, sign language and braille.

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