Saba Needs Sound Recycling Plan

overflowing garbage

According to Levenstone, it is high time to sit down with all operators of bars, restaurant’s to discuss the need for recycling of especially bottles. Photo: Dave Levenstone.

The Bottom, Saba- Head of Economic Affairs at the Public Entity of Saba and generally critical Saban, Dave Levenstone, feels that more efforts should be undertaken to achieve meaningful recycling efforts on the island. Levenstone by means of a photo he published on Facebook is drawing attention for the amount of garbage produced at local bars and restaurants.

“It is high time for those responsible to sit down together with all operators of bars, restaurant’s etcetera and come to some sort of understanding regarding the bottles especially. In my opinion a workable solution can be reached but of course one must have the ability to work out solutions on how to solve these type of situations”, says Levenstone.

Levenstone adds that he feels it is not necessarily a task of Government to come to a solution for the issue of much needed recycling.

“That is why persons are appointed in positions to come up with workable solutions if we really want this whole recycling business to work and become more professional. What we have now is not working adequately. Dialogue is the solution to any issue”, according to Levenstone.

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