Saba needs to work on New Tourism Master Plan

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Melinda Hassel, seen here with Governor Johnson, commissioner Zagers and departing Tourism Director Glen Holm says the island needs a Tourism Master Plan. Photo: Government of Saba.

The Bottom, Saba- Saba needs to work on a new Tourism Master Plan, according to the newly appointed director for the Tourism Office, Malinda Hassel.

Hassel made her comments during the opening of the newly renovated tourism office. “We need to start the engines of a new Tourism Master Plan to understand where we are, where we want to be and what should we do to get there”.

Hassel noted that the tourism industry is of vital importance for the economy, and as the island continues to have positive developments also new room inventory in the next 2 years, maritime ferry connectivity project and the future harbor expansions it is crucial that stakeholders have a strategic plan with a clear direction, action plan and budget alignment for its implementation.

Neighboring islands

”Collaborations with neighboring islands need to be fortified, marketplace presence increased and travel possibilities and new itineraries for visitors created. This, Hassel said, would help boost the day-trip market and overnight stays. Saba’s digital marketing efforts and PR presence should increase as well. “We need to re-position and promote Saba within our key markets. Seek collaborations but also support our airline and maritime partners. Explore opportunities and new product developments that sets us apart but ensures our natural and cultural heritage is promoted.


Another area, which Saba needs to work on according to Hassel is training. ”Hospitality training in a post-pandemic era is extremely important in order to maintain a high-quality service level. The Tourist Bureau will explore the possibilities of also creating an e-learning Saba Tourism platform to involve the partners, youth and the community”.

Hassell said she would work closely with all partners, address the issues and challenges, hear constructive criticism, try to seek opportunities and solutions, and improve where needed.

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