Saba now also with Central Quarantine Location

The Bottom, Saba – The Public Entity Saba is working on establishing a centralized quarantine location for persons entering the island from high-risk areas, including St. Maarten and the United States (US).

Government will only cover the costs of the temporary mandatory housing at the centralized quarantine location, but the persons involved will be responsible for buying their own food and drinks. Persons from medium-risk areas, including many European countries and Canada, may have to mandatory quarantine at this centralized location if signs are warranting this. A country’s risk level is based on a mix of factors, like the average new cases and positivity rate of tests, the country’s population and the public health capacity.

The Public Entity Saba announced that St. Maarten now falls in the high-risk category, because of the spike of local transmission of COVID-19 on that island. Travel from St. Maarten is only possible for repatriation, essential workers, medical travelers, medical students, and Saba students who live abroad.

A negative test result is required for persons entering Saba from St. Maarten, and upon arrival, the persons must go into mandatory quarantine in the designated centralized location. Persons can no longer transit on St. Maarten to and from Saba without having to go into quarantine. Leisure travel to Saba from St. Maarten is still prohibited.

Persons traveling from St. Eustatius, Bonaire, and Curaçao, can enter Saba without having to go into quarantine. The Caribbean Netherlands Health Insurance Office ZVK will refer patients as much as possible to Bonaire or Curaçao. As these two islands have no local contamination cases of COVID-19, patients do not have to quarantine upon their return to Saba. ZVK patients from St. Maarten will have to go into mandatory quarantine.

Saba will remain in alert level 2, which includes physical distancing, proper hand and cough hygiene,and allowing a maximum gathering of 25 persons. Not complying with these measures can result in a fine.

The Public Entity Saba has updated its entry and quarantine policy. A link to the updated policy can be found on the website

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